O.P.S. Epee Club at Home

O.P.S. Epee Club at home

With many weeks of no fencing we can all do things to ensure we are in our best condition and as highly skilled as possible for when the world returns to normal.

Technique Resources

Many of these bladework and footwork techniques will be able to be done indoors at home without the need for lots of space.  Good to keep practice going.

Fencing Technique Sheets – here

Great timing/hand-speed exercise – here (thanks to Keith Cook)

First Target Hitting video ‘Getting Started’ – here

Practice Hitting of Balls Progression – here

Fitness Resources –

These fitness sessions can be done indoors at home without the need for lots of space.  Good to keep your fitness levels high.

Fitness target for all (well almost all) – Being able to do at least 10 proper press-ups – I will be adding some advice on progression for press-ups if you currently are unable to perform them.  If you can already do press-ups target to increase how many you can do without stopping and how many you can do in one minute.

Progress to doing your press-ups – here

Fencing Fitness Sheets – here

Mobility Routine – here (BBC)

Quick Core Session – here (BBC)

HIIT Routine – here  (BBC)

Mobility, Balance & Posture Circuit – here (thanks to Keith Cook)

Sister Club Redhill & Reigate Elite Fencer Fitness & Conditioning (by George Morris)

Elite Athlete 1 – Fencing Strength & Conditioning 1- link (Thanks to George @ Redhill & Reigate)

Elite Athlete 2 – Daily Trunk Conditioning 2 –  link (Thanks to George @ Redhill & Reigate) 

Making your own Hit-Pad/Target –

How to make a basic fencing target – here (facebook video)

How to make a full fencing target – here (facebook video)

Weekly Puzzle / Challenge –  Spot the difference 1 (28-03-2020) – Weekly prize for first Under 14 fencer to email (on parents email to chrishowser@hotmail.co.uk) with the correct answers of a ‘Free O.P.S. evening club session (in first month of sessions re-starting),

Page will be updated day by day with more resources.